About farm

The farm was established on 21 07 1991 in Punia, Alytus r. On a 30 ha plot we were growing vegetables and flowers. At the moment the farm specializes only in flowers. Under 32900 m2 of greenhouses there are 14000 m2 of cutting flowers and 18000 m2 of flowers sold in pots.

20000 m2 of all greenhouses is manufactured by “Richel”, covered with plastic and 12900 m2 of glasshouses. For pot flowers, special benches were made. The climate and fertilization is controled by a climate control system “Priva Integro”.

A 6000 KW boiler-room is powered by gas.

The farm employes more than 40 employees.

We supply flowers to supermarkets, small shops, tradesmen…

The farm is a member of the Lithuanian greenhouse association.

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Contact Us

Punios kaimas, LT64402
Alytus district, Lithuania
fax +370 315 68655
realization +37069850123
accountancy +370 315 58880
e-mail: puniosgeles@puniosgeles.lt